It’s Fat Tuesday

Here’s the thing, I’m Polish. Hooray! And the Polish deli has paczki every day, yet there I was, sucked into the Fat Tuesday tradition of Paczki Day! I ordered 18 for the office, had this big grin on my face as I carried a big, white box out of the deli, and then realized there were only 15 in the box when I opened said box at the office. Oh well, a few less for me is all it really meant.

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Makin’ Chicken Soup in the Instant Pot

We bought an Instant Pot around Christmas at the recommendation of my sister-in-law. She’s a little bit more creative with her Instant Pot creations, but one of our latest go-to recipes is some basic chicken soup. I thought I would sing this recipe for a weekend, bonus Songs by Andy.

Donuts and Kolaczki

Sometimes a right turn leads to goodness, in this case donut and kolaczki goodness, thanks to one of my go-to bakeries, Kuppie’s in Villa Park, Illinois. Luckily the light was green so I turned right at the light, kept goin’ straight until night, or actually straight until the morning light, and then, boy, I had some donuts (yes, I kind of adjusted the Springsteen song to fit my own needs), and discovered they also sell kolaczki (you have to ask for them, they keep them in the back). It was Friday morning goodness!

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24 Ways to Say I Love You

The other morning I didn’t really have a song topic come to mind, so I just decided to tell my wife that I love her, in 24 ways.

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No More Pokemon Go?

On a walk the other day I noticed nature’s reality was cooler than augmented reality, if only because Pokemon Go just keeps giving me the same stuff day after day. It might be time to pay attention to the world around me when I go for walks instead of my virtual world on my iPhone.

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A Mattress Firm Invasion

There was a stretch of road with three Mattress Firm stores within about 1000 feet of each other. That might be a few too many reminders to buy a new mattress. The good thing, if you watch the video with the song, is you will notice cell phone reception shouldn’t be a problem.

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Solar Powered Garbage Cans

On my YouTube channel I have a goal in July to post a new song every day for the month. It started the other day with an ode to the first “date” I had with the woman who would be my wife. I call it a “date” because it was really just a re-connecting after 20+ years (we met in high school) and didn’t intend for it to lead to us getting married. Somehow, on this “date,” she didn’t run away screaming even after my conversations about solar powered garbage cans, red-winged blackbirds, and crabapple trees.

Nothing but Love This Morning

On this morning I couldn’t really come up with anything else to sing about because, well, all I was thinking was how much I love my wife. It’s a bonus, weekend song from my YouTube channel!

Rules, There Are No Rules

I didn’t win a dinner at Alinea, but the dude who did win, Andrew Owen Phillips, put together a pretty funny video based on Grant Achatz’s episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix, which is pretty awesome in its own right. Me, I just sang a song, but had fun dreaming!

It’s National Donut Day – A Song

Today’s song was about National Donut Day, a day near and dear to my heart because, well, I like donuts.