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  • InfernoWe quickly learn that the eccentric billionaire, Bertrand Zobrist (Ben Foster), believes that in order to save humanity we must kill of most of the humans, and what better way to do this than with a plague. Much like many a maniac, instead of simply going to a crowded place, say an airport, and releasing this plague, there is this convoluted set of clues to get to the virus in order to either contain it, or release it.

As a fan of the original “The Da Vinci Code” I wanted to like this movie more than I did. Unfortunately there is too much chasing and not enough storytelling.

Brad Paisley – Life Amplified World Tour: Live at WVU

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  • Brad Paisley - Live in ConcertFilmed at, well, West Virginia University, in front of 15,000 folks, Brad Paisley does what he does best, entertain. It’s a DVD/CD filled with performances of his greatest hits, as well as a great rendition of the John Denver classic “Take Me Home Country Roads,” sort of the West Virginia anthem.

I like Brad Paisley and hope to see his show someday. For now this concert video did nicely.

Uncle Nick

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  • Uncle NickSome of Uncle Nick is kind of Cleveland bashing, or embracing the idiosyncrasy that is Cleveland depending on your point of view, with comments like “When you have Ohiogenetics your body morphs into the shape of a tugboat by the time you’re thirty,” and “Cleveland had plenty of lows since the Ten Cent Beer Night… We’ve come to accept it,” but for the movie, it worked.

It’s a raunchy look at your yearly Christmas party, complete with comparison to Cleveland’s legendary Ten Cent Beer Game. I gave it 3 stars out of 5.

The Dark Horse

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  • Based on the true story, “The Dark Horse” weaves the history of Genesis Potini (in the movie played wonderfully by Cliff Curtis), a chess champion in New Zealand battling with mental illness who discovers his passion in teaching others the glory of chess, and in doing so is able to calm many of the demons in his head.

This was a great movie. Enough said.

Back in the Day

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  • Meanwhile, in the world of “whatever happened to?”, here comes Shannen Doherty, yes, that Shannen Doherty, as Maria, Anthony’s love interest who, of course, Anthony can’t have because she is hooked up with the made guy, Dominick.

I really wanted to like this movie, but the mob stereotypes were just too overblown.

Bachelor Games

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  • Moving along we learn of the military veteran friend losing his mind, one of the dudes who wants revenge, one friend who is a complete jackass, and some extra friends thrown in for supposed comic enjoyment.

    Next, of course, throw in the “super-scary” plot twist.

The movie was supposed to be a horror-comedy, but I didn’t find myself laughing. Bummer because the movie had some potential as a horror film. They should have focused on that.

Get a Job – A Review

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  • “Get a Job” is a nice, little movie, but gets a little too mixed up between trying to decide if it wants to be an all-out comedy, like a “Superbad” or “American Pie” for the millennials, or a somewhat more serious movie about the challenges the millennials will be facing as they begin to enter the “real” world.

I wanted to like this movie more than I did, especially with the star power, but alas, old jokes and mostly nothing memorable except a scene with some trophies.


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  • Finally, about an hour into this film, most of everything is explained, we learn why people are betting, how the people ended up as participants in the game, how the government is corrupt, and that Danny Glover must have taken some lessons at the James T Kirk school of over-acting.

I only gave the movie 1 1-2 stars. I hate giving bad movie reviews.


  • “Andron” is coming to select theaters in New York and Los Angeles on June 3rd, but it’s also come to VOD the same day for the rest of you.

Looks interesting, but a pretty much “straight to video on demand” movie usually isn’t a great sign.

Cherry Tree

  • it got lost in goofiness, and cheesy, “shock” scenes that just didn’t fit, but kind of came off as “I know, let’s put Faith and her father in a car and set it on fire,” and “Wait, she has to fight her school nemesis. Ok, have them hit each other with big pipes.” Also, her demon spawn was the world’s biggest baby. I mean, it was half the size of her body, and her vagina probably would have exploded giving birth to it. 

I wasn’t a fan of this movie. My full review is at Entertainment Ave!