She Likes to Iron

I like to buy wrinkle-free clothes because, well, I can be inherently lazy. My wife, however, does her best to look her best, which I appreciate, and is great at ironing. Although this is an ode to her ironing ability, she did find out one day that I know how to iron, so alas, when my wrinkle-free things are so wrinkle-free, I can’t nudge her for help.

Egg Sandwich

Every morning before work I send my wife a short song. Sometimes they are songs about love, sometimes they are silly, sometimes they are songs about our dog, but all of the time I’m not the best singer, and look dorky.

I accidentally sent “Egg Sandwich” to my sister who enjoyed it so much she tried to ridicule me by posting it. It didn’t work.

Now, along with my wife, I’m sharing my songs on my YouTube Channel. I promise there will be songs about love, silly songs, songs about our dog, and I won’t be the best singer, and will usually look dorky. Subscribe for songs every weekday, and a bonus archive or special song on the weekend!

Work is Nowhere to be Found

I took a trip to Costa Rica, and we stayed at Dreams Las Marejas. It was nice to get away, but there was a weird tree in front of our room.

Garbage and The Hippo

I was planning to sing a song about garbage day until my wife decided she wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas.