The Creators of “Viv” are Showing Off. Here Comes Awareness.

  • Kittlaus began by asking Viv what the weather was like today, but then continued the conversation with increasingly complicated queries, like “Was it raining in Seattle three Thursdays ago?” and even “Will it be warmer than 70-degrees near the Golden Gate Bridge after 5pm the day after tomorrow?” Viv had no problems answering the stacked requests, showing a clear awareness of context.

Remember that scene in “The Terminator” with all of the talk of the machines becoming self-aware and somehow it was tied to a computer chip so all Arnold and John Connor had to do was destroy the chip to save humanity? Sadly I don’t think saving humanity will be about destroying a chip because once become “aware” and realize they¬†can learn to program, we’re doomed, or they’ll try to protect us like VIKI did iRobot.