Scott Adams’ Latest Observations on Clinton-Trump Persuasion

    • Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said yesterday, “I’m just not ready to back Donald Trump.” That was an example of good negotiating. “Not ready” means he hopes to be able to back Trump someday, but only if Trump changes in some unspecified ways that Ryan wants. It gives Ryan leverage. It was a strong move.

But Trump responded with “I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda.” 

Checkmate, in one move. On this chessboard, a future President beats a Speaker of the House. And Trump makes you think past the sale again, to his presidency.

I will say it once and say it again, Scott Adams’ deconstruction of Trump’s tactics is fascinating.

    • Opponents of Trump have started making the case that he is “dangerous” and “risky.”

You know who likes dangerous men? Answer: Everyone.

Seal Team Six is dangerous. George Washington was dangerous. Abraham Lincoln was dangerous. Women like dangerous men. Men want to be dangerous men.

And the Clinton camp somehow loses by making Trump risky and dangerous – someone over there just doesn’t get it.