Go Ahead – Show Your Underwear!

A town in Florida passed an ordinance that if you wore pants, well, they couldn’t be slung so low as to show your butt or dirty drawers.  Guess what?  A Judge said that’s unconstitutional.  Saggy Pants‘ wearers, I think you need to take a road trip to Riviera Beach!

You Spend A Million and Get Bright Lights – Waaaah!

So you spend about a million bucks for a condo in the new Trump Tower in Chicago and you complain because the office building next door leaves their lights on. In the word of Artie Lange: “Waaaahhhhh!” In the words of me: Spend a few bucks on some nice window treatments, a.k.a. blinds.

Blago Won’t Be Getting Out of Here

A judge crushed the hopes and dreams of Rod Blagojovich, NBC, and millions of people who wanted to see if the humidity would play havoc with The Gov’s hair when he said the Ex-Illinois Governor couldn’t be on “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.” Bummer.

Julie Chen Won’t Give Birth on Big Brother. :-(

Julie Chen, who’s married to Les Moonves over on the CBS network, and is also on The Early Show, is pregnant.  Looks like Les’ little swimmers went the distance.  Congrats!

Depeche Mode is Still Around – Who Knew?

I saw Depeche Mode many moons ago as part of a radio festival, and then I thought they fell off of the face of the Earth.  Oh yea, I guess they sort of had a hit a few years ago.  Guess what?  They’re in Lollapalooza this year.  Get your tickets now!