Chicago: We Got Expensive Gas

Just a helpful travel tip that if you plan to drive near Chicago anytime soon, you might want to have a full tank of gas as you make your way through The Windy City because we’ve got the most expensive gas. If only we could harness the awesome power of the burrito!

NBC renews Chuck! Praise the Lord!

I’m a big fan of the TV show “Chuck,” and of the hot blond, Yvonne Strahovski, (though I’d be a happier fan if she got naked), so I was worried it wouldn’t get renewed for the Fall. Thank the heavens above, and a “Save Chuck” campaign, because it’s coming back for at least a lucky 13 episodes. Yay!

The World Loves Tom Hanks!

Neither rain, nor snow, nor the Catholic Church could keep the world from seeing “Angels & Demons,” so Tom Hanks gets another #1 movie, especially worldwide. “Star Trek” did pretty awesome, too, especially for its 2nd weekend out, but can an Ahnold-less “Terminator: Slavation” dethrone both of them next week? Only a week will tell.

Miss California, You’re Still Hired!

Donald Trump has spoken and Miss California will stay Miss California, and will not give up her crown to Almost Was Miss California.  Yup, Carrie Prejean, whom none of us would give a damn about if she didn’t say something about marriage to Perez Hilton, keeps her crown, and Donal Trump also had no problem with her semi-nude photos.  Well, duh!?!

Baba Booey, a.k.a. Gary Dell’Abate Throws Like a Girl

Baba Booey, a.k.a. Gary Dell’Abate got the chance of a lifetime, the dream of baseball fans everywhere, to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game.  Gary’s dream came true before a New York Mets game, and much to the delight of Howard Stern fans everywhere, Baba Booey threw like a girl.  YouTube has pulled the video – here’s a link to the MLB version.

Susan, Simon, and Oprah – A Threesome?

It’s a threesome I’m wondering if anyone wants to see, but Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell will both be on Oprah.  The show is slated to air on May 11th and is titled “The World’s Got Talent.”  Will Simon stay on “American Idol?”; Will we care what Susan Boyle’s house looks like?; Will Oprah give away more KFC people can’t get?  Some of those questions might be answered.

Will Brett Favre Un-Retire Again?

Bear fans kept sort of hoping, in a weird Chicago way, that somehow Brett Favre would end up in a Bear’s jersey, although not now that they have Jay Cutler they don’t care.  Now the arrows are pointing that Mr. Favre might end up a Minnesota Viking – That is if he un-retires again, which of course would never happen, right?

RIP: Danny Gans

I never caught Danny Gans‘ show the couple of times I was in Las Vegas, mostly I suppose becuase I don’t care for impressionists much, but he seemed to make a lot of people smile.  And 52 years old is too young.

Adam Lambert on Idol – Almost Gone?

Matt Giraud being sent home on “American Idol” wasn’t really a surprise, except to, well, maybe Simon, but the big news of the evening was that weekly favorite, Adam Lambert, was in the final two of people who didn’t get votes.  Adam lived to sing another week, but it’s probably a wake-up call to his fans to not give up the fight.

Go Ahead – Show Your Underwear!

A town in Florida passed an ordinance that if you wore pants, well, they couldn’t be slung so low as to show your butt or dirty drawers.  Guess what?  A Judge said that’s unconstitutional.  Saggy Pants‘ wearers, I think you need to take a road trip to Riviera Beach!