Dyson Enters the Beauty Care Sector

  • To prevent burns, sensors monitor the heating elements in the head 20 times every second to ensure a constant temperature is maintained—automatically shutting the unit down should it get too hot. 

In my head I’ve wondered why Dyson hasn’t made a hairdryer yet because it seemed like an obvious choice, but I forgot about that whole “damaging” hair thing.

  • it’s also been specifically engineered to shift some of the high-pitched sounds hair dryers often produce to an even higher frequency beyond the reach of human hearing. The motor’s compact design also means it can be integrated into the Supersonic’s handle, instead of the head, completely changing its weight distribution, and making it more comfortable to hold and use for prolonged periods.

I will be curious to see how quiet this thing ends up being, but even at $400 when it’s available in September, I see something that might be on my wife’s Christmas list.