Origami in Metal, Bees in Flowers, Sumi-E in Sun, Surprise in Leaves

The Morton Arboretum always has an endless supply of stunning views of nature, but their Origami in the Garden exhibit this summer brings beautiful metal. Stopping by during the Destination Asia Festival also led to live Sumi-E painting, and a surprise rustling in the leaves. It’s picture album time!

The Morton Arboretum - 8/5/2017

Let me know if you can spot the surprise in the picture of the leaves as you go through the album, and I’ve also got more pictures from The Morton Arboretum here!

Lincoln Marsh – Wheaton, IL

It was getting hot and sweaty, but that kind of makes it perfect for a morning at Lincoln Marsh. All I really wondered from the walk was did they really need a “No Swimming” sign? Enjoy the picture album!

Lincoln Marsh - Wheaton IL - 6/11/2017

Cricket Creek – Addison IL

I like walking at Cricket Creek in Addison IL. It’s tucked away between two busy streets, and you wouldn’t even know the busy-ness is there if it weren’t for the occasional truck noise. There were no deer on this walk, but there was still plenty to see!
Cricket Creek - Addison, IL - 2017-0609

Nature Likes to Spring

I took a couple of trips to the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL this Spring. Any time of year is a great time to take in the beauty of nature at the Arboretum, but Spring can be especially colorful and bring a renewed feeling of growth and inspiration.

The Morton Arboretum

Dark Dog Walk

Dark Dog Walk

This picture with me on a dog walk with Milo is from a while ago, but as we are moving further into Winter, it’s about the same amount of sunlight today as there was back in the fall when I took this.

I’m Sorry, Cleveland, I’m a Chicago Cubs Fan

Dreaming of SummerI tried. I honestly did. I’m sorry, Cleveland, I’m a Chicago Cubs fan.

For years and years, even since I moved to Chicago, I questioned my allegiance, wondered who I would root for, in the end, if the “End of the World” scenario would happen, a Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians World Series. The world is still spinning yet here we are, five games into the World Series, with Cleveland up 3 – 2, and I finally know where I stand. It occurred firmly during game five when I announced on Facebook I had cheered on the Cubs for the first four games, but I was all in for the Tribe in game five.

Because, like many a sports fan, I assumed my actions actually influence a team in some way, I blamed the Cubs being in their losing situation as my fault because I was on their side. I also didn’t want to be on the side of the loser so I announced on Facebook that I was all in for the Tribe, and in doing so I was either helping out the Cubs because my flipping sides would cause them to win, or I would at least be on the side of the winner and could revel in a glorious World Series victory. That “flipping” lasted about 1/2 pitch.

Firmly implanted in the couch, with beer on my left side, the Indians came to the plate, and I quickly began to drive my wife crazy as something good would go the Cubs way, I would express my glee, but then quickly say “No, wait, I mean ‘Bad, bad, bad!'” For that first inning, with every action, my wife had no idea who was doing better, and try as I might to switch my happiness or disappointment to an action by Cleveland, I kept finding myself happy or disappointed in the actions by the Cubs, and when Cleveland scored in the second inning, and I was pissed at the sign of impending Cubs doom, I realized right then that it had finally happened, I was a Chicagoan. I was a Cubs fan.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as I’ve lived in Chicago for about 31 of my 49 years now, not including my short stint in middle Illinois, and as the years have gone by, and never being able to actually watch a Cleveland sports team, I’ve gotten sucked in by the generally suckiness of Chicago teams, with a few glimmers of hope in the White Sox World Series, and if I were a bigger hockey fan I’ve always got the Blackhawks.

Don’t get me wrong, I still root for the Cleveland teams, just not when they are playing the Chicago teams.

So here I am, the morning of game six of the World Series, and it’s time to accept it, I’m a Chicago fan. I will accept my fate in this World Series, either being happy for my Cleveland fans who for years, up until the Cavs, wallowed in suckiness, but from the first pitch tonight I’ll be all in, oh way, I can’t be “all in,” that’s a Cleveland thing, so I guess I’ll just be cheering on the lovable losers, the Chicago Cubs, and pray they won’t be losers any longer.

As my mom would say, “Go Cubbies!” She would have loved this series, though it might have killed her, but as much as she like the Cubs I have no doubt she would be cheering on the Tribe because she never left #Believeland.

Praying. Mantis.

Praying. Mantis.

This beauty, a praying mantis that I appeared to have interrupted during its praying, was just hanging out on a wall the other morning. It almost has that look of “Hey, what are you looking at? Can’t you see I’m praying?”