A picture of me and Milo. It's an older picture, not now as my hair has more grey.
I’m Andy Labis. The thing around my neck is our dog, Milo. I’m a writer, photographer, and iPhone developer. I’m also a Senior Accountant for a company that does interior corporate build-outs, and a maintenance man for my wife. As many a life has done mine has taken many twists and turns, but thankfully I’ve found a wonderful woman to share things with, and various outlets to share things I enjoy. Thank you for visiting!

Now I’m…

  • Figuring out if I should work IGTV (Instagram TV) into my Songs by Andy postings.
  • Still thinking about how awesome my recent trips to Italy and Banff were, and all of the pictures I posted on my Flickr page.
  • Being obsessed about the Fasting Mimicking Diet I just completed and continuing to perform more manual labor projects to test the elimination of my Delayed Pressure Urticaria.
  • Learning Swift so I can update my Make Me Smile app.

Inspired by Derek Sivers, his “Now” project harkens me back to the days of bulletin boards and footers of “I’m listening to:” and “I’m watching:.”

I’m listening to:
No Shoes Radio on Sirius.

I’m watching:
Big Brother