A picture of me and Milo. It's an older picture, not now as my hair has more grey.
I’m Andy Labis. The thing around my neck is our dog, Milo. I’m a writer, photographer, and iPhone developer. I’m also a Senior Accountant for a company that does interior corporate build-outs, and a maintenance man for my wife. As many a life has done mine has taken many twists and turns, but thankfully I’ve found a wonderful woman to share things with, and various outlets to share things I enjoy. Thank you for visiting!

Now I’m…

  • Working on promoting my new¬† iPhone app and newsletter for my sister site, Inspire My Awesome!
  • Figuring out how to update my Entertainment Ave! site to https even though it doesn’t really need to be because it has no need for https but the search engines are requiring it.
  • Trying to get fit on my Peloton. You can find me at “InspireMyAwesom”. I couldn’t fit the “e”!
  • Editing my old concert pictures on my Flickr site.

Inspired by Derek Sivers, his “Now” project harkens me back to the days of bulletin boards and footers of “I’m listening to:” and “I’m watching:.”

I’m listening to:

I’m watching:
The final season of Schitt’s Creek

I’m reading:
Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis