Apple Rumored to Unveil 10.5-Inch iPad Pro at Early April Event

From MacRumors…

  • While we haven’t yet nailed down a specific timeline for the unveiling of new iPads, the prospective launch window is narrowing and rumors suggest we’re going to see them within the next month. Just today, new iPad models were spotted in device logs gathered by Fiksu, suggesting a release is indeed on the horizon. Fiksu, like our unnamed supply chain source and DigiTimes, believes a launch is imminent.

I’m still bouncing around with my iPad 3rd Generation. It looks like I’ll be able to get the new one I’ve dreamed about, someday. Maybe even imminently.

The Practice of One Thing at a Time

From Zen Habits…

  • As we give each activity our full loving attention, we start to appreciate each person, each object, everything around us as something worthy of respect, love, and gratitude.

This post hit me a lot today as I’ve been juggling a lot of things. I’m starting (One Goal. Thirty Days.), continuing (Songs By Andy, Entertainmet Ave!), and just trying to figure out Swift. Then, of course, there is my day job. Too many times my mind wanders between all of them, and I forget my meditation practice of mindfulness to stay in the moment.

I really need to remember, as Mr. Leo Babauta says, to:

  • Just write. Just shower. Just give someone your full attention.

I think I’ll try to “just shower” tomorrow.

It’s Fat Tuesday

Here’s the thing, I’m Polish. Hooray! And the Polish deli has paczki every day, yet there I was, sucked into the Fat Tuesday tradition of Paczki Day! I ordered 18 for the office, had this big grin on my face as I carried a big, white box out of the deli, and then realized there were only 15 in the box when I opened said box at the office. Oh well, a few less for me is all it really meant.

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Makin’ Chicken Soup in the Instant Pot

We bought an Instant Pot around Christmas at the recommendation of my sister-in-law. She’s a little bit more creative with her Instant Pot creations, but one of our latest go-to recipes is some basic chicken soup. I thought I would sing this recipe for a weekend, bonus Songs by Andy.

I’m the Grumpy Old Man Yelling at the TV

I'm a Grumpy Old ManI’m not exactly sure when it happened, but the shift is coming to my becoming the grumpy old man who yells at the TV. In the past it usually seemed to happen with the election cycle, but then the yelling would wane after the dust settled. This time, though, I can’t stop. When I brought it up my wife just shook her head and agreed that I have been doing it for a while, way before the last election.

The thing is that I only seem to be doing it when she is around, and rarely does she listen to me!

I wish I could blame politics, Donald Trump, bad sports teams, or general grumpiness with the world, but in general I’m a happy guy, a guy who can see the best in things, but just about anything on the TV lately can get a rise out of me, from the news to a sitcom.

Examples include:

  • “Why are we hearing about a story about a hospital in Sweden that is closing?”
  • “What, now a comedian can’t even perform with out being protested?”
  • “Why didn’t she just make her own speech instead of quoting someone else?”
  • “Who would steal his jersey?”
  • “How in the hell can Agent Ressler not die? And how in the hell did they get there so fast?” (You have to suspend a lot of disbelief while watching “The Blacklist,” I’ve decided.)
  • The proverbial “Don’t these people work?”
  • “You can’t complain that’s all they pay. That’s all they pay you.”
  • “I’ll bet it was a shiv.” Wife, “What’s a shiv?” (She was listening this time) Me, “You know, a prison knife.”
  • “What a horse’s ass. He gets pulled over because the police are doing their job, and gets all ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ on them,” and my wife goes “Talking to the TV again?”

The list goes on and on.

It’s funny, though, because I talk as if the people are actually listening to me, and sometimes I think they might reply. I’m also giving them tons of advice, little nuggets of wisdom, and yet they still don’t listen. I mean, what’s wrong with these people on TV? Don’t they realize how foolish they look?

I know it drives my wife crazy, especially as we are watching one of her shows, but what is a man to do? Sure, I could head to my office, but what fun would that be? At least with her around, even though I’m seemingly talking to myself most of the time, at I don’t think I’m the crazy one.

I used to make fun of my mom when she would be TV talking while any Cleveland sports team was playing, usually combining her analysis of the action with a “That’s it!”, meaning the game might as well be over now because Cleveland screwed up again. Now I wonder who might be making fun of me. Oh yea, it’s my wife!

Maybe it’s just something that we do as we get older and want to share our infinite knowledge of the world with others, especially when no one listens to us, but it’s getting bad for me, especially when I catch myself doing it, or now, find I’m also starting to talk to the radio. I suppose it’s okay until the day the TV or radio actually answers back, then I know I’m really in trouble.


Via Entertainment Ave!

  • InfernoWe quickly learn that the eccentric billionaire, Bertrand Zobrist (Ben Foster), believes that in order to save humanity we must kill of most of the humans, and what better way to do this than with a plague. Much like many a maniac, instead of simply going to a crowded place, say an airport, and releasing this plague, there is this convoluted set of clues to get to the virus in order to either contain it, or release it.

As a fan of the original “The Da Vinci Code” I wanted to like this movie more than I did. Unfortunately there is too much chasing and not enough storytelling.

Donuts and Kolaczki

Sometimes a right turn leads to goodness, in this case donut and kolaczki goodness, thanks to one of my go-to bakeries, Kuppie’s in Villa Park, Illinois. Luckily the light was green so I turned right at the light, kept goin’ straight until night, or actually straight until the morning light, and then, boy, I had some donuts (yes, I kind of adjusted the Springsteen song to fit my own needs), and discovered they also sell kolaczki (you have to ask for them, they keep them in the back). It was Friday morning goodness!

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Brad Paisley – Life Amplified World Tour: Live at WVU

Via Entertainment Ave!

  • Brad Paisley - Live in ConcertFilmed at, well, West Virginia University, in front of 15,000 folks, Brad Paisley does what he does best, entertain. It’s a DVD/CD filled with performances of his greatest hits, as well as a great rendition of the John Denver classic “Take Me Home Country Roads,” sort of the West Virginia anthem.

I like Brad Paisley and hope to see his show someday. For now this concert video did nicely.

24 Ways to Say I Love You

The other morning I didn’t really have a song topic come to mind, so I just decided to tell my wife that I love her, in 24 ways.

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