Every Joke from ‘Airplane!’ Ranked

Via Bullshitist:

  • 10. Ted: “It’s an entirely different kind of flying, altogether.” Dr. Rumack and Randy: “It’s an entirely different kind of flying.”

I’ll always remember going to the movies as a family and seeing “Airplane,” and laughing a lot. My mom was about the only person in the theater who got this joke right away and started laughing.

World’s Highest-Paid DJs: Electronic Cash Kings 2016

Via Forbes:

  • On the surface, it would appear that Calvin Harris has had a rough year. He got into a car accident, parted ways with superstar girlfriend Taylor Swift and saw a $3 million dip in annual income. But it would take much more to knock Harris from his throne: he still pulled in $63 million, making him the highest-paid DJ in the world.

The bad news is:

  • “The bubble has already burst in America,” says Steve Aoki (No. 5, $23.5 million), who played 198 times in the past year despite vocal cord surgery. “You can see it in Vegas’ DJ landscape.”

Says the guy who made $23.5 million last year.

Who knew you could make so much spinning discs.


Born To Run: Foreword

From brucespringsteen.net:

  • “This book is both a continuation of that story and a search into its origins. I’ve taken as my parameters the events in my life I believe shaped that story and my performance work. One of the questions I’m asked over and over again by fans on the street is “How do you do it?” In the following pages I will try to shed a little light on how and, more important, why.”

I’m sort of excited about new iPhones coming out in September, but as far as I’m truly concerned September 27th, when Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography “Born to Run” comes out, can’t come soon enough.

Are Rotisserie Chickens a Bargain?

From Priceonimics:

  • The discount warehouser sold 76 million rotisserie chickens in fiscal 2014, close to 10% of the retail market at the time. Costco has kept the price of rotisserie chickens at $4.99 for as long as Tom Super, the wonderfully named vice president for communications at the National Chicken Council, can remember. It’s the same philosophy that Costco uses for another big draw: the hot dog and soda that have sold for $1.50 since 1985. For these feats, it gets free publicity of all kinds—like this article.

That’s a lot of chickens. The thing I found most interesting was that buying the Whole Foods Rotisserie Chicken isn’t a bad deal, if you’re spending the money anyway. Costco still wins, though.

The Dark Horse

Entertainment Ave!

  • Based on the true story, “The Dark Horse” weaves the history of Genesis Potini (in the movie played wonderfully by Cliff Curtis), a chess champion in New Zealand battling with mental illness who discovers his passion in teaching others the glory of chess, and in doing so is able to calm many of the demons in his head.

This was a great movie. Enough said.